Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marie Antoinette Photo Shoot

This was a Marie Antoinette fashion shoot I worked on, I worked on flowers, and set dressing. THIS IS MY KIND OF SHOOT. I specialize in feminine it is what I do for a living. I'm always called in on photo shoots to dress girls rooms and sorority houses, as well as romantic and period shoots, and this shoot was right up my alley I was super happy.
Our model was beautiful and the hair dresser was outrageously talented. I found the clothing to be amateur at best she looked like a high school student sewed a bunch of D.I skirts together. (I'm glad no one who knows me professionally read my blog or I'd be in trouble for saying so) but they photographed well and the set really pulled it all together we were very lucky to have it. 
These were some of the "extravagant" food platters I pulled together. The photography wanted lots of chocolate and fruit. So I gave him LOTS OF CHOCOLATE.
Anne standing in for the model. I loved all the pillows but I was sad the photographer wouldn't let Anne or I put more pink in the shoots considering Marie Antoinette signature colors were pink and blue. But we gave up that fight. 
Anne and I no makeup, hair not done, this is how I always look at work. 
Justin and Anne in the ridiculous house we were working in. (I totally got pink in the shots with the flowers and I also got to bring them home, my house smells like roses.)

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