Sunday, July 12, 2009

museums, or places that hold the art i want to steal

The Metropolitan Museum
where the old lost treasures of the world are new

Emily and I traveled to the Metropolitan museum and I saw everything that i have learned of in books. and studied for years and years. The tombs of pharaohs the statues of antiquities. And massive paintings of the nobles of france. i only wish i'd taken my sketch book. i found a fantastic necklace that i know Kayla would love.

Penny also loved the room that depicted a water temple from Egypt where there was an enormous body of water full of shinny pennies. She kept pointing at them and smiling. On an island in the middle we able to walk through a temple doorway. We hung out there as my feet were killing me! the Met is enormous, we became lost several times and could have spent two weeks or more inside and found more to look at.

Winifred Jane and Ginger Marie

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

So yesterday after a lengthy discussion with myself and boredom I decided red was the color of choice and promptly dyed my hair. Thus this image is the result. I suppose you would call it auburn.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New York, New York,... Central Park Zoo

Today Emily and I traveled the 31 blocks to the famous New York, Central Park Zoo. The Beauty and Quaintness of this menagerie of animals was truly well..... awesome!!!! between an amazing gorgeous white tent, bronze statues and scrolling poetry written on the walls, i was entirely amused and entertained.

For my ten dollars, we went in the Rainforest house where Penny and I played find the birds in the trees. We also saw red panda, seals, frogs, snakes, and many many turtles the zoo was obviously suffering an infestation of a fearsome sort. Penny was so sweet and good. She made me very happy by sitting in a sling on my hip and sharing her cheezeits with me.

(turtles infestation mentioned above)