Monday, February 28, 2011

More Ireland pictures

Margot loved Ireland and I kept her busy a lot with my Iphone.

Clair and Louis  

 Anne "Boylen"
I good Irish breakfast.

                                      Anne "Boylen" and our main actor Richard Mcwilliam

Margot loved Richard, she was always trying to kiss him.

Justin tending to the cabbages that I bought from an Irish farmer who I could NOT understand.

My love Alana, she was so fantastic and wonderful.

This sums up the trip for me, being so tired and just wanting love from margot. This is a picture of Jenn

There were absolutely billions of spiders everywhere we found them in our hair, clothes, houses. 
Spiders spiders everywhere

 The Cliffs of Insanity.

Beautiful, I'm madly in love with this photo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Troubles In Egypt

So my sister Tajana come back from her honeymoon in Egypt in quite a hurry after getting tear gassed by the Egypt Museum of Art. She and her husband fled to Alexandria when they caught a flight to America. PHEW was my Mother happy. This was all weeks ago but my favorite part of this story was three days before they left my husband Christopher asked if going to Eqypt was the smartest thing because of the political unrest, and two days after they arrived in Egypt the troubled started. Aaaah smartie pants husband of mine....................oh wait, no, my favorite part was that they got home safe. Well anyway after they got home my sister's husband started a blog with all the pictures and film he got of their adventures and of the unrest. Enjoy, to view their blog click here.
Them at their reception in Hawaii.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yummy Iphone Cases

After seeing all the cool phone cases on StyleBeat I decided to buy some new ones for myself, and I found some really fun ones.
I found these at iphone-cases4u

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Schumacher Fabric

I've always been a collector and admirer of fabric. The more beautiful the better, and you can't get more beautiful then Schumacher Fabric. Texture, color, and design no one does it better. As Schumacher fabric needs a membership ID to order, instead I've been admiring some mustard and plum pillows from Modernthread (a vendor who uses schumacher)instead of ordering fabric and making my own.
I Love bright colors and vibrant designs. These fabrics are so intoxicating to me. The patterns, flowers, and colors are glorious. Christopher and I have been looking for a bigger place and I can't wait till we decide to buy a house and I can take my large scale fabric art pieces further. Like matching my fabric pieces to the vintage furniture I'll reupholster for the house. I also can't wait to paint murals and vibrant colors, to pull it all together.
Schumacher also makes wallpaper, upholstery fabric, and furniture I love it all. The author of the blog Stylebeat, Marisa Marcatonio, has amazing photo's and loves schumacher prints like I do. I love her blog so much she knows sooooo much about interior design!!!! Some of these photo's were taken from her blog.
This coffee table is my dream coffee table I love mirrored surfaces and how much brighter and make spaces look so much bigger and I love that. My friend Anne has used mirrored surfaces in every room of her house I find all the pieces she's picked up stunning. It doesn't hurt that almost every Anthropologie catalog that's been coming out is full of them.
Had to share my favorite fabric site with everyone. The fabric is even more beautiful in person. and gorgeously textured.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amazing Weight Loss Site I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. His site is amazing. I have had so many questions that his site has answered. I love his diet meal plans, and workout videos. All this information is FREE! Be sure to check out his food to eat and not eat lists. He used to be a YMCA trainer and just does this site to help people. Also make sure to check out his 40 quick tips to weight loss.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Heels are Too Damn High Party

Stuart Weitzmen, Christian Louboutin, Steve Madden, Jimmy Choo, Badley Mischka, and yes you Jessica Simpson, you are all criminals. These designers, (and knock off designers Jessica and Steve), are criminals for bringing the ultra high and chic 5 + inch heels to the runway. Where is this going to end? When the heels have hit 10 inches? 13 inches? Don't you know how much pain we are in as women?

I've many a time have pulled a young girl off the floor where her too high heels have sent her spread eagle. Or steadied a teetering friend across a snowy street, or simply watched at the mall pretzel in hand as yet another girl who doesn't know how to walk in heels stagers for the nearest bench. Or stared in horror at a wedding as the bride holds her shoes in her hand while she walks around her reception. THIS IS ALL UNACCEPTABLE!!! if you don't know how to wear heels don't wear them. Until you can run a block in heels and keep them on for more then 5 hours and learn to saunter like a ballerina DON'T wear them. You look stupid. Now that I have you inept heel wearers addressed lets talk to the girls with experience and grace and a closet full of heels.

With the revival of the stiletto heel in 2000 we celebrated! After it's near death in the 1990's we though yes long legs, elegance, and yes a high heel is a thing a beauty to look at, but lets fast forward to 2011. Platform stilettos reign the runway with the iron fist of pain, skyrocketing heel heights are now in the 6 inches! A model falling on the runway is a regular occurrence and even veterans like me are looking at heels with fear. It takes me about 20 mins of peptalk to pull on my blue "Louboutin" and strut my stuff.

While out on a shopping trip with my friend let's call her "Jennifer" she had on a pair of ultra high "Louboutin" ankle boots. This girl knew how to walk, talk and strut in her heels like the veteran she is. But we couldn't go to certain stores or climb stairs because she couldn't chase her child in the shoes she was wearing. She was a pro with heels and kept them on the whole time we were out about 3 hrs with no complaints and in 6+ heels that's a miracle but we had to walk slow and sit often.

The heels are too damn high!!!! They hurt, their dangerous and they can't be good for our feet. 4 inches are high enough we don't need ultra high, or extra platform. Who are the women who are pulling these looks off? Who is wearing these as a shoe for longer then 3 hours? This is a trend that needs to die, because the heels are too damn high.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoe Brands To Buy, and Love

Spring is coming and a whole new delightful collection of summer shoes are coming!!! Candy and flowers that is what summer shoes are made of. From the dry desert of 2010's fall and winter shoe lines come spring and I have the highest of hopes.
I've already been scoping out the early spring collections and with each shoe things keep looking up!. As the Groundhog day rolls around the fresh shoes arrive and I've got 6 more weeks of shopping. So with this I must introduce the brands for spring/summer that make you smile and take you strutting down the street in high style.
Lets talk "Poetic Licence".... a romantic brand that took the term "girly" and ran to the other side of the globe and back with it. "Poetic Licence" is the sister brand of "Irregular Choice" a funky, sassy brand that will turn your head and make you scratch it at the same time. I adore the way "Irregular Choice" is so original, incredible eye candy. I would own more of their shoes then I am old BUT...... just standing up in their shoes makes you want to rip them off with your teeth, suddenly you understand how trapped foxes must feel with their paws stuck in steal traps. PAIN excruciating Pain. The man behind these shoes apparently HATES WOMEN.
but he remedied all these problems with the sister line Poetic License. This brand is a show stopper. Imaginative use of materials, patterns, flowers, and heels. I have yet to meet one of their shoes I didn't consider taking to the counter to purchase and living a very happy life with.
Alight by a raise of hands who's hear of "Seychells"? Well if you haven't your going to thank me. Comfort, Beauty and Vintage Glam all rolled up in my very pretty shoe brand. I would say they rival "Soft" in the comfort department and all of their shoes are simple beautiful. I'm ashamed to say I've already bought two pairs of "Seychells" before their summer collection even hit the market. I have to give props though for the vintage heel and beautiful leather used by this designer.
I have many more favorite brands but I'm going to leave it here with my two top favorites. Happy Spring Shopping everyone!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making Commercials of Legendary Awesomeness

So I was working really hard of some commercials and this was my favorite one. We were doing a remake of the 1984 apple commercial. This commercial was legendary with it's take on the movie 1984, and the amount of attention it received.
I built the tunnel with my friend Anne, who was the director of this commercial. The tunnel was a SON OF A B*&@# to make and when we ripped it down I wanted to cry because I loved/hated it so. The tunnel looked fantastic in the commercial and I was really proud of my work.
I also did all the hair, makeup and costuming on the set and I really enjoyed it. The commercial was about some innovative new learning software. So our "zombies" were young students, that I covered in corn starch to give them a "zombieish" look. My friend Leena was the main women or the "innovative thinking teacher" we were so happy that she was available to be the "teacher" who destroyed the "big brother" figure in the commercial. She is so beautiful and did an awesome as our main actress!! I was so excited because she looked so much like Miss Pillsbury for "Glee". Yes that is an actually flame thrower on her back it was CRAZY cool.

I love when all my friends are part of the set and we can just have a great time together and make movies. Kynan is leading the march out of the tunnel for the zombie students he was the first assistant director in this commercial. My lovely Anne is so obviously talented I am so lucky to have been working on all her projects, the commercial turned out marvelous. Look at how got her hair and outfit turned out!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've blogged about this before but it's simply good for the soul. visit right now.
This is one of my favorite images. I adore how they have have taken the inspiration for the dress and photographed it in that environment. Any one else suddenly jealous of clouds?