Sunday, November 29, 2009


I was very luckily this year and had work off for Halloween. Elle and Finn took me around the neighborhood, for trick or treating, Elle was a butterfly, and Finn was a fireman. I only stole candy from Elle because Finn only choose smarties and Hershey's bars (gross) at the doors. Elle being the good child got me the good stuff (peanut butter cups).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christopher's Favorite Shirts

Christopher loves snarky t-shirts. He wears his shirts proudly
and it reminds me every day of the sweet, cute, little boy he is at heart.

i love this site so much
support handmade crafts
papernstitch is the best of ETSY and the artists change every month so new stuff 
all the time. beautiful, beautiful, unique stuff you can't find anywhere else.  
and less expensive then department stores.

this cuff is my favorite find. but she also has gorgeous bags and headbands. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm back

After four months in New York, a month of labor in Price, and a week in Snowbird I AM BACK!!!!

I have realised more then anything I need to get back to my Art and back to work! So for the next month I will be working on a film!!!  So I'll be crazy busy as film days are 22 hours. I won't be seeing hardly anyone. I'm so happy to be back with my wonderful friends and my family!! I missed you all so much more then I can say. 

So Today Was Our Day At The Zoo
We went to the zoo yesterday it was our first time since our honeymoon last year and it was a pleasant day. I stuck my tongue out at the prairie dogs, dreamed about turning a golden monkey into a coat, fed a swan by accident and did a dance in the snake house. Mostly i suppose i just behaved badly, but the ANIMALS started it!
The prairie dogs were my favorite. The white crocodile was gone which was sad but the chubby  prairie dogs were really active and fun. You can't see well in the picture but the baby elephant playing and climbing on his ball. It was really endearing. Christopher is my fav person to wonder the zoo with.
 Penny and Emily and Brian were there as well Penny had a thing for the Bear and monkeys but what kid doesn't. Penny didn't really know the names of all the animals so she called them all "Doggies" and i think would have climbed in to play with the "Doggies" if she could have She thinks "doggies" are the best.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Christopher!!!
I'm glad I didn't die before I met you.
Today is Christopher Tippetts White's Birthday and he is a very happy boy!
Today was the first day of our family week up at snowbird. Besides today being Chris's Birthday it was also Oktoberfest!!!!! Ist bin ein besten!!! Chris and I yelled loudly in german and had a grand old time listening to yodelers and german bands. Unfortunately though we saw far too many grown men in lederhosen.  We visited all the stalls of clothing and food and music.  and found an awesome deal in german house slippers. I think they are the cutest things i have found out here!  Bonnie, Emily, Megan and I got a pair I can't wait to wear them around my apartment.              

Sunday, July 12, 2009

museums, or places that hold the art i want to steal

The Metropolitan Museum
where the old lost treasures of the world are new

Emily and I traveled to the Metropolitan museum and I saw everything that i have learned of in books. and studied for years and years. The tombs of pharaohs the statues of antiquities. And massive paintings of the nobles of france. i only wish i'd taken my sketch book. i found a fantastic necklace that i know Kayla would love.

Penny also loved the room that depicted a water temple from Egypt where there was an enormous body of water full of shinny pennies. She kept pointing at them and smiling. On an island in the middle we able to walk through a temple doorway. We hung out there as my feet were killing me! the Met is enormous, we became lost several times and could have spent two weeks or more inside and found more to look at.

Winifred Jane and Ginger Marie

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

So yesterday after a lengthy discussion with myself and boredom I decided red was the color of choice and promptly dyed my hair. Thus this image is the result. I suppose you would call it auburn.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New York, New York,... Central Park Zoo

Today Emily and I traveled the 31 blocks to the famous New York, Central Park Zoo. The Beauty and Quaintness of this menagerie of animals was truly well..... awesome!!!! between an amazing gorgeous white tent, bronze statues and scrolling poetry written on the walls, i was entirely amused and entertained.

For my ten dollars, we went in the Rainforest house where Penny and I played find the birds in the trees. We also saw red panda, seals, frogs, snakes, and many many turtles the zoo was obviously suffering an infestation of a fearsome sort. Penny was so sweet and good. She made me very happy by sitting in a sling on my hip and sharing her cheezeits with me.

(turtles infestation mentioned above)