Monday, March 7, 2011

Runaway Trips and weekend bags

I can't help myself when faced with a quick get away trip, invite me to go just about anywhere with a hour to get ready and I'll be there. That's how I ended up in Baja Mexico with Anne Black and Ricky Schroder for a week. One time I was called with 45 mins to spare to go to Vegas, and that was the trip where I met Chris my future husband. 

During the worst and darkest times of my life I've always been about to pack a bag up quick and have a weekend in New York, Las Vegas, or Las Angeles. There was a period where I was in New York every chance I got.  I loved having my hobo Anthropologie bag to rush and pack and take on the subway from Long Island. But now that I've gotten older I need more things make-up, more clothing, and I need a real travel bag. Being the super girly girly I am I need something amazing, stylish, and sturdy.

Knowing I am not the only girl who loves weekender bags I decided to put up a few that I love.
This is the" Amy Butler" weekender bag from Macys.

I actually got one of these in blue, this is a Double Dutch garment tote.
And my total favorite from Fossil the key per duffle bag

I love being the girl at the airport in comfy clothes and fabulous bag. I love all these bags but I would never say no to a leather vintage doctor's bag.

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