Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentines Day

For me Valentines day is a day for showing everyone in my life how much I love them. My Dogs Winifred Jane and Ginger marie got large prime rib bones. My sisters and friends got "dirty valentines cookies" each cookie written with an amusing word, I'll let you use your imagination. (but I will tell you Anne Black called me juvenile and I was laughing on the kitchen floor for about 15 mins.) Christopher was studying hard for his art history test and I was so proud of him he was learning about so many of my favorite paintings and now finally knows what I mean when I say rubenesque, baroque, and cairosuro. I got dressed to the nines red lipstick and all, Chris got in his suit and we headed up to dinner at the tree room with eight of our friends and It was delightful we all laughed, ate and enjoyed.  I'd like to send out my love to everyone out there for Valentine's day.  On a side note I adore the tree room but maybe not on I don't think our loud laughing party was appreciated by the other twitterpated couples.

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