Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marie Antoinette Photo Shoot

This was a Marie Antoinette fashion shoot I worked on, I worked on flowers, and set dressing. THIS IS MY KIND OF SHOOT. I specialize in feminine it is what I do for a living. I'm always called in on photo shoots to dress girls rooms and sorority houses, as well as romantic and period shoots, and this shoot was right up my alley I was super happy.
Our model was beautiful and the hair dresser was outrageously talented. I found the clothing to be amateur at best she looked like a high school student sewed a bunch of D.I skirts together. (I'm glad no one who knows me professionally read my blog or I'd be in trouble for saying so) but they photographed well and the set really pulled it all together we were very lucky to have it. 
These were some of the "extravagant" food platters I pulled together. The photography wanted lots of chocolate and fruit. So I gave him LOTS OF CHOCOLATE.
Anne standing in for the model. I loved all the pillows but I was sad the photographer wouldn't let Anne or I put more pink in the shoots considering Marie Antoinette signature colors were pink and blue. But we gave up that fight. 
Anne and I no makeup, hair not done, this is how I always look at work. 
Justin and Anne in the ridiculous house we were working in. (I totally got pink in the shots with the flowers and I also got to bring them home, my house smells like roses.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Accidental Two Week Vacation

 (Margot and Me at Disneyland after the Princess show) Me and some of my friends and their kids headed to disneyland last week and Had a great time! Lots of rides, games and good times. I had only been to Disneyland once before and that was a magical golden trip with Christopher with no lines an almost empty park with fireworks and the park dressed for the holidays.
This trip was different the kids were SO excited and sang the "I'm going to Disneyland" over and over also it was Spring Break which was a shame but we still had an awesome time. Jen and Liz and I had so much fun taking pictures of weird people and competing for best pictures.
(Liz Me, stripes are not my friend, Jennifer and the kids)
(Liz and Gigi)
(Abe and Gigi at the Bellagio)

We also went to one of my FAVORITE places in Las Vegas, The Bellagio Jean Philippe Patisserie. Every time I come I get a new dessert. It's a treat I love waiting for. Lucky me I was with six other people and we all ended up sharing, It was amazing.
(Jen and Liz at Carevino) 
After almost a week at Disneyland and romping around the shopping malls in New Port. I was ready to go home and relax with the dogs while Christopher was in Kansas. But then Change of plans Chris decided to come meet me in Vegas and drive back to Disneyland for another week of galavanting and fraternizing with Disney characters.
 (Chris and I driving back to Disneyland)
We had a great time at Disneyland. We also visited our sisters and brothers. Christopher and I are always finding new places to eat. We usually don't go to the same place twice and we always go local NO CHAINS. California is one of the best places to be when you want to go local.

Of course as always I have no pictures of Chris and I together in disneyland ah well.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Charming Party

With another sister pregnant and almost every one of my friend popping out children, birthday parties are a weekly affair for me.
I love a good party and a good kids party is so fantastic. Which is why I love One Charming Party it has fantastic idea's for party practically  plans them out for you. I adore cakes and these are some of my favorite's from the sight. 
Make sure you check out their DIY tutorials and free printables section.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentines Day

For me Valentines day is a day for showing everyone in my life how much I love them. My Dogs Winifred Jane and Ginger marie got large prime rib bones. My sisters and friends got "dirty valentines cookies" each cookie written with an amusing word, I'll let you use your imagination. (but I will tell you Anne Black called me juvenile and I was laughing on the kitchen floor for about 15 mins.) Christopher was studying hard for his art history test and I was so proud of him he was learning about so many of my favorite paintings and now finally knows what I mean when I say rubenesque, baroque, and cairosuro. I got dressed to the nines red lipstick and all, Chris got in his suit and we headed up to dinner at the tree room with eight of our friends and It was delightful we all laughed, ate and enjoyed.  I'd like to send out my love to everyone out there for Valentine's day.  On a side note I adore the tree room but maybe not on I don't think our loud laughing party was appreciated by the other twitterpated couples.

Runaway Trips and weekend bags

I can't help myself when faced with a quick get away trip, invite me to go just about anywhere with a hour to get ready and I'll be there. That's how I ended up in Baja Mexico with Anne Black and Ricky Schroder for a week. One time I was called with 45 mins to spare to go to Vegas, and that was the trip where I met Chris my future husband. 

During the worst and darkest times of my life I've always been about to pack a bag up quick and have a weekend in New York, Las Vegas, or Las Angeles. There was a period where I was in New York every chance I got.  I loved having my hobo Anthropologie bag to rush and pack and take on the subway from Long Island. But now that I've gotten older I need more things make-up, more clothing, and I need a real travel bag. Being the super girly girly I am I need something amazing, stylish, and sturdy.

Knowing I am not the only girl who loves weekender bags I decided to put up a few that I love.
This is the" Amy Butler" weekender bag from Macys.

I actually got one of these in blue, this is a Double Dutch garment tote.
And my total favorite from Fossil the key per duffle bag

I love being the girl at the airport in comfy clothes and fabulous bag. I love all these bags but I would never say no to a leather vintage doctor's bag.