Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Christopher and I had an amazing trip to Disneyland!!
After getting back from Ireland we really needed a way to bond and get away.
We met up with Chris's brother and his family and had a really good time because they knew where all the best rides and exactly what to do while we were there.
Chris chillen in front of splash mountain.

A small world was decked out for the holidays and that was really fun also Josh's favorite ride so we went 4 times.

Chris and Josh watching the fireworks at the end of our week long trip.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Baby Announcement Ever?

Emily and Brian sent out the cutest baby announcement ever!!
I loved it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas too soon?

Extraordinary desserts....San Diego

This is a place everyone who visits San Deigo should go visit. It's wonderful, beautiful and delicious. Chris and I both had a great time picking out our deserts and sharing it was a great night.



Christopher and I had a great halloween where he was Harry Potter and I was Luna Lovegood.
We had a fun time cursing each other and having a general good time. Winny and I took a cute picture together she was my krumple nosed snorkack, for the night.

San Diego Zoo

Christopher and I went on a vacation to spend time together after been apart for so long. We decided on California and to hit all the vacation spots we had never been like San Diego Zoo, Sea World, California Adventure and Disneyland. I was really excited to see Kayla who had just had baby Evey, 5 weeks before. Evey is a super cute baby that I didn't snag a picture of her beautiful cubby face but she is beautiful and looks just like Kayla, lucky baby.
Here is my favorite animal a crocodile.
Christopher and I love sweet novelty cups and no novelty cup is cooler then the a cup with a panda bear. Christopher is super cute here he is my favorite I totally like him.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Here are some photos I snapped while from the plane over Ireland the land of my ancestors it was so exciting to go to the country where my grandmother, and family is from. It was even cooler to work and hang out with the Irish people who are incredible. I made so many amazing friends. We worked, partied and laughed together. I wish so badly I could go back.

here is set by our castle....
There were hundreds of swans in the castle moats and lakes. I'd never seen wild swans before.
Boys from set who are some of the best men I've met love them all so much.

This pond forever will be my "penguin cave" it was so peaceful and beautiful there.

The mustache was for "Mustache week" the sexist tradition of all the men on set having mustaches for the last week... so i joined in.