Monday, March 22, 2010

Communal......oh my is this really potatoes!!!!

so Kayla, Katrice, Anne, Mom and I traveled down to 102 N university ave. in Provo and had a thoroughly decadent dinner of amazing quality and throughaly enjoyable! We laughed and ate and had an amazing time! Only complaint was they put walnuts in the bread. WHO DOES THAT!!! my sister's enjoyed it though. I had amazing Roast beef, so tender it melted in my mouth and i thought i had died and gone to french cooking heaven. It was so tasty, cooked in a rich red wine! Kat, Mom and Kay all choose steak, tender delicious, best steak i'd ever had in my life steak!
We also ordered the; Potato Gratin, Brussel Sprouts with toasted almonds, Polenta, ( a cornmeal mush that i enjoyed), roasted beats, and an appetizer involving boiling ricotta cheese, salami and french olives. worth the 9$ we paid for it. I'm so disappointed i didn't get pictures because we were dressed to the nines and since i lost 35lbs I'm all for picture taking but here's so photos i picked off of Communal's blog. The cost of this decadent dinner fit for food snobs the world over?........129$ for 4 people including tip 32$ a person....worth it? you ask.........jury says YES a resounding YES. im sure it would be less if you didn't order every thing off the menu as we did.

If you go i highly suggest the Steak, potato Gratin, and for desert the pear pandowry ( it is said to be something your mouth will never forget!!!)

Paper dolls

Yep, these are some of my weird paperdolls I do and I love them. Each one is one I've made for a friend of sister. The one above was inspired by my sister Tabitha. Who I always thought looked like a barbie doll.
This one I made for my niece Elle she wanted a mermaid doll. It now hangs in her room with a large collection of shepherdess paperdolls and fairy dolls I've made her over the years. I believe I also made her a herd of sheep that reside in picture frames around her room.
This is a doll I also made for Elle, because she wanted one that looked like her.

This doll was one I made for my Mother, she loves Germany because that is where she met my father.
This one I call the Hayley doll for my college roommate, we went through a "Sex and the City" phase so I made each of my roommates a doll. We put them on the fridge and made them say funny things with postit's.
Marie Antoinette was a doll I made for myself because I love the 1700's.
I have made hundreds of dolls over the years for all my friends and family. It always suprises me when I find one hanging on a fridge for in a frame in someone's house but it always makes me happy because they are so cute, and so much work.