Monday, December 27, 2010

My Absolute Favorite Things

Ok these are a few of my favorite things, that I though I should share with everyone because they make me so happy whenever I use them.

1. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar
This Creme has done amazing things for my skin with in the first 2 days all the redness in my face was gone. My skin was so soft and even chris mentioned how amazing my skin was looking. I picked this up at Nordstrom but it's also available at Sephora, 38$-102$

2. Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Eyelashes
I used to go out and have expensive eye lash extensions done, and they would be uncomfortable and fall out. Not to mention they would take my eyelashes off with them. So I was thrilled when I found these eyelashes at Target I will never get extensions again! They are inexpensive and reusable. 4$-7$ Target

3. Buxom- Smoky Eye Kit
I adore my Buxom mascara and lipgloss and so I was thrilled when I found this kit. I adore the eyeliner it come with. The Mascara is thick and really accentuates and adds length to each lash. While the lipgloss plums and is a super sexy nude color. I got this at Sephora: 42$

4. Fredric Fekkai- Hair Collections
I adore my Fredrick Fekkai hair products!!!! My mother gave me Fredrick Fekkai full volume shampoo set as a gift when I left to Ireland. I was So appreciative because no matter how damp and rainy Ireland was my hair was glorious!!! Right now i've been using the glossing collection and it was been worth every penny!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff so much! I picked this up at Nordstrom 23$-59$

5. NARS: Cream Blush
This was a FIND!, my friend Anne talked me into this ridiculous color Cactus Flower, but indeed it is my FAVORITE thing!! the Cream blush goes on so smooth and such a rich color, smooth and beautiful. I gave it to my girlfriends for Christmas it was a big hit. Orgasm is also a fantastic color. Sephora- 26$

6. Noir Jewlery-Cocktail Rings

These rings are so fun and are so beautiful these pictures don't do them justice. Noir Jewelry

7. My hairstylist and colorist Bree she does the most amazing things with the color blonde!!! if anyone wants her number just text me she is AMAZING

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Family Wedding Affair

Today my sister Katrice got married to Dewey McKay. It was beautiful wedding at the S.L.C Temple with a private dinner at the Grand America. It was so beautiful, Katrice's dress was made by our extremely talented friend Alisa Kirkham who has made all my sisters wedding dresses so far.
Me, my best friend Anne, and Chris.
Anne who was the maid of honor and my sister Katrice.
The Grand America has an amazing desert and candy shop it is adorable and so pretty.

My sister Kayla and Elle, Katrice's daughter.
Christopher and I enjoying the candy shop before dinner.
The lovely Anne.

Kayla and Tatjana I missed Tatjana's wedding when I was in Ireland it makes me so sad to not have gone but it was in Hawaii.
My brother Teancum and daughter Jade!! who is soooo pretty and such an adorable child!!
Kayla's baby Evey
and Christopher being bored sooooooo bored
I thought he might die. I love weddings and I especially love when I get a center piece to take home.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Friends Christmas Trees

I just had to put up a few of my friends trees that I love,

Anne's tree is white, pink, and blue. It is super fun.

My other friend Jennifer's tree is Bronze, Red, Gold and Orange.

I am not a big decorator. I don't do seasonal or holiday decorations. I pretty much ignore most holidays. but I really enjoy Christmas trees maybe it's the glitter or the tiny lights but I LOVE designing and decorating trees. these are very glamourous trees but I love every kind of christmas tree. Paper decorations, fabric, simple, glittery, trees are fun.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sea world

We went to San deigo and met up with Chris's wonderful sister Emily and her daughter Penny who is the sweetest little girl. Christopher was so cute with her.
feeding seals
Emily's and penny watched the dolphin show.

showing penelope the sharks
The hundreds of flamingos that penny tried to attack with her snapper
hammerhead shark toy that Chris bought her.
the Beluga whale is my favorite thing to look at at Sea World

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is here....

I have been having the best time putting my tree together.
I have also really been into my embossed gorgeous wrapping paper.
All over my tree are hearts and jeweled birds and some with feathers,
also jeweled peacock feathers.
You can buy these gorgeous wrapping papers at TJMAX for
around 3.99 worth every penny.
I've always had a thing for paper and wrapping paper is just one more thing I can't get enough of.

Kayla's baby blessing

My sister Kayla came down for San Diego so her baby Evey Wren could get blessed on Sunday and it was beautiful. This was Kayla's first baby and after all the trouble she had bring her into the world we had a great party to celebrate her getting here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Christopher and I had an amazing trip to Disneyland!!
After getting back from Ireland we really needed a way to bond and get away.
We met up with Chris's brother and his family and had a really good time because they knew where all the best rides and exactly what to do while we were there.
Chris chillen in front of splash mountain.

A small world was decked out for the holidays and that was really fun also Josh's favorite ride so we went 4 times.

Chris and Josh watching the fireworks at the end of our week long trip.