Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Been watching....Human Planet

Yes I'm that kind of person who can not get enough of nature shows. You're not? Well you're seriously missing out. When the BBC Planet Earth and Blue Planet came to DVD I was THRILLED!  It was the only thing I asked for when Christmas came around. Needless to say I got it and Christopher was surprised as he had never watched these shows before. Over the Christmas break I was entirely glued to my TV, mouth agape. I'm usually a quite TV watcher but I'm telling you planet earth has some DISGUSTING footage. One episode was so disgusting (exciting) that I screamed, shrieked and made chris come and hold me. Lets just say it the episode in question "Caves" depicts a 300ft mountain of bat feces and beetles. Oh they also have an episode that contains "Zoombie Ants" SOOOO scary!!!
Anyway this is about Human Planet but I will say it did NOT disappoint it was AMAZING. After every episode I added another place I wished I could travel to and see these incredible people myself. It's also full of shocking human feats, unbelievable living conditions, and people eating disgusting foods (my personal favorite). Trust me if you don't scream at one point of another you didn't watch it right.
It's incredible to see such amazing things and how life is for other people. It makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong genre of film and should move into Documentary. Then I remember how much ridiculous work filming is and begin a new dream about an office job.
I demand that every person go on their Netflix account and watch all of these documentaries; Blue Planet, Human Planet, and Planet Earth, save the episode of planet earth "Caves" for last it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Oh if you have a "clean freak" OCD friend with you allllllll the better.


  1. oh my gosh myleka! I am obsessed too! Paul think I am weird.. Im always like "babe!!! Get in here! Watch this! this is amazing!" it really is amazing!

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  3. Myleka, get that freakin' nasty tarantula picture off of your blog!! Do you even know how afraid of spiders I am? Gives me the creeps and goosebumps just looking at it. First time I come to your blog and that's what I'm welcomed with? Why thank you!! :)