Monday, April 11, 2011

CSA Farms and Gardens

A few friends and people in my family have been buying shares from the local CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) in California, and it made me curious about the CSA options around here in Utah. As I did my research I found that Roberts Ranch is the CSA provider in Utah county and they offer a quite a few organic share products like vegetables, grass feed beef, fruits, eggs or honey.

I know that the Church as really been pushing awareness of Childhood obesity and keeping our bodies healthy and I can't help but think this would be a fantastic way for Christopher and I make better choices and have more vegetables and fruits in our diet, as well as support the local economy.

Most of the shares last about 16 weeks which is prefect for me as I don't know how long I'll be in Utah. But I'm was surprised how accessible it is. The Pick up area for me is right down the street at Wills Pitt Stop. Though you don't get to choose what you will receive each week I thought it was still a fantastic way to try new things and eat more of what is in season.

I did more research into what CSA's do for people and the community and the research showed that 85% of our food is imported from another state meaning that we lose billions of dollars to shipping costs and lose the income from the food to farmers out of state. By buying food from local farmers we keep food dollars in the state save the environment with less pollution. 

I remember hearing these facts before but never found finding and buying local food before to be accessible or convenient. I would buy things at the farmers market on Saturday down in Provo but I hardly ever remembered to go. I figure most people already know about all this but I didn't and I figured maybe there is another girl out there who would be thrilled to know this is available 

And honestly I'm not a beef eater. I'm a Chicken and fish sort of girl but I know my sisters have struggled to find grass feed beef, and here a source locally raised and freshly butchered that delivers. so I thought I'd let you all know.
The grass feed beef is more expensive then you'd think it would be but most of my friends go in on it together. It was really the best beef I'd ever had. It tasted entirely different then the beef I'd been used to.

If you live in Utah you can find a CSA near you here.

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