Monday, May 2, 2011

My Sister is Trying To Kill Me....With Food

I'm a definite food person, NO one loves eating out more then this girl. I love to try new food, new places, and I like everything. But Kayla is giving me a run for my money and killing me along the way. Allow me simply to put up a list of places we have gone in last five days.

Bakers bakery (twice)
The Sweet Tooth Fairy (eww)
The Chocolate (YUM)
Krispie Creme
See's Candies
La Bonne Via at The Grand America
Indian palace
Bombay House
The Tin Angel
Settabello Pizzeria Napoletana
Chanon Thai Cafe
Slab Pizzeria
And when Sundance opens again I'm sure we'll be up there a few times.

Kayla is breast feeding and so she can consume more calories with no negative results but woooo is poor me in my corset at the gym!!! And I didn't even eat food at some of these places I opted out for water.  I have put out a standing notice to all people I am refusing to eat out anymore and to solidify and encourage myself to keep this goal I am posting it here.

( As this post was going to press Myleka received a call to go to C.P.K.)

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  1. lol oh no.. eating out is hard, but so needed at times! I go through days where cooking is overrated. Twice now, I've eaten out with Aaron, and just ordered salads to find that they contained 1000 calories.. it's like why the hell do I bother?!