Thursday, February 24, 2011

Troubles In Egypt

So my sister Tajana come back from her honeymoon in Egypt in quite a hurry after getting tear gassed by the Egypt Museum of Art. She and her husband fled to Alexandria when they caught a flight to America. PHEW was my Mother happy. This was all weeks ago but my favorite part of this story was three days before they left my husband Christopher asked if going to Eqypt was the smartest thing because of the political unrest, and two days after they arrived in Egypt the troubled started. Aaaah smartie pants husband of mine....................oh wait, no, my favorite part was that they got home safe. Well anyway after they got home my sister's husband started a blog with all the pictures and film he got of their adventures and of the unrest. Enjoy, to view their blog click here.
Them at their reception in Hawaii.

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