Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making Commercials of Legendary Awesomeness

So I was working really hard of some commercials and this was my favorite one. We were doing a remake of the 1984 apple commercial. This commercial was legendary with it's take on the movie 1984, and the amount of attention it received.
I built the tunnel with my friend Anne, who was the director of this commercial. The tunnel was a SON OF A B*&@# to make and when we ripped it down I wanted to cry because I loved/hated it so. The tunnel looked fantastic in the commercial and I was really proud of my work.
I also did all the hair, makeup and costuming on the set and I really enjoyed it. The commercial was about some innovative new learning software. So our "zombies" were young students, that I covered in corn starch to give them a "zombieish" look. My friend Leena was the main women or the "innovative thinking teacher" we were so happy that she was available to be the "teacher" who destroyed the "big brother" figure in the commercial. She is so beautiful and did an awesome as our main actress!! I was so excited because she looked so much like Miss Pillsbury for "Glee". Yes that is an actually flame thrower on her back it was CRAZY cool.

I love when all my friends are part of the set and we can just have a great time together and make movies. Kynan is leading the march out of the tunnel for the zombie students he was the first assistant director in this commercial. My lovely Anne is so obviously talented I am so lucky to have been working on all her projects, the commercial turned out marvelous. Look at how got her hair and outfit turned out!!!

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