Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoe Brands To Buy, and Love

Spring is coming and a whole new delightful collection of summer shoes are coming!!! Candy and flowers that is what summer shoes are made of. From the dry desert of 2010's fall and winter shoe lines come spring and I have the highest of hopes.
I've already been scoping out the early spring collections and with each shoe things keep looking up!. As the Groundhog day rolls around the fresh shoes arrive and I've got 6 more weeks of shopping. So with this I must introduce the brands for spring/summer that make you smile and take you strutting down the street in high style.
Lets talk "Poetic Licence".... a romantic brand that took the term "girly" and ran to the other side of the globe and back with it. "Poetic Licence" is the sister brand of "Irregular Choice" a funky, sassy brand that will turn your head and make you scratch it at the same time. I adore the way "Irregular Choice" is so original, incredible eye candy. I would own more of their shoes then I am old BUT...... just standing up in their shoes makes you want to rip them off with your teeth, suddenly you understand how trapped foxes must feel with their paws stuck in steal traps. PAIN excruciating Pain. The man behind these shoes apparently HATES WOMEN.
but he remedied all these problems with the sister line Poetic License. This brand is a show stopper. Imaginative use of materials, patterns, flowers, and heels. I have yet to meet one of their shoes I didn't consider taking to the counter to purchase and living a very happy life with.
Alight by a raise of hands who's hear of "Seychells"? Well if you haven't your going to thank me. Comfort, Beauty and Vintage Glam all rolled up in my very pretty shoe brand. I would say they rival "Soft" in the comfort department and all of their shoes are simple beautiful. I'm ashamed to say I've already bought two pairs of "Seychells" before their summer collection even hit the market. I have to give props though for the vintage heel and beautiful leather used by this designer.
I have many more favorite brands but I'm going to leave it here with my two top favorites. Happy Spring Shopping everyone!!

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