Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trips to Cali With Kayla

I went to California to hang out with Kayla and Emily Sparks. Emily and I hung out at the Renegades fair for 2 days, I found amazing toys and shirts and jewelry. I bought two shirts for Christopher and I love them!! I'm pretty sure he will too when they finally get to Alaska. This is Kayla and me at Santa Monica Beach.
It was amazing to see Kayla who is seven months preggers and looking good!! The little sprout must be tiny cause so is Kayla. We had a wonderful time of french food, fantastic sandwiches and delicious Italian deserts. Hanging out with a pregnant Kayla is a little like a endless parade of fantastic food.
here is Kayla's bean sprout Evey.
Here we are shopping for baby fabric in the fashion district. which was incredible and has an amazing selection of fabric to die for. Kayla isn't pissed in this picture she's just about to ask me where the fleece is. I may have embarrassed Kayla by having to touch every pretty, amazing, piece of fabric.
Here are some of the amazing rosette chenille and bright flower fleeces to make blankets for all my reproducing friends.

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