Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For My Pregnant and None Pregnant Friends Who Love and Adore Cupcakes

Cupcakes the bane of my existence. The sweet sugary snack I would probably never eat of my own choice. For I, am not a cake person...(pause for gasp). Yes but between my cupcake crazed sister kayla, my cake loving BFF Anne "Boylen", and a general nation obsessed with tiny cakes, they are to be unavoidable. And I have tasted hundreds. So I am here to give my option on cupcakes. I am giving my coast to coast ratings of the cupcake places I have tried.

L.A. : Here in this picture before you are the famed Sprinkles cupcakes.....DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. There are so many other better cupcakes out there! I was less then disappointed. They were fine but NOT fabulous. They do have many flavors and going to Beverly Hills to pick up your order and paying 36$ a dozen does give you the sense and promise of a good time but it's less then WOWing and maybe for the experience and bragging rights yes it may be worth it to you to get your cupcake here. BUT not me I'd drive 10 mins over to Susie Cakes and get their delicious lemon cupcake.

Las Vegas: Shocker of the night HERE is where you get the best cupcakes. THE CUPCAKERY gorgeous to look at, the lightest frosting and so tasty you'll want to eat 6 and try every kind. A year ago Christopher and I bought 2 dozen cupcakes to bring back to our families in Provo.....only 6 survived the ride home. Each one has a different filling, and all the flavors are unique and delightfully playful. Lemon berry is a must

Provo/Orem Ut: YES we have awesome cupcakes too. If you go to the Cocoa Bean in Provo.... SPIT that @#%^ out it NASTY!! and forget the Sweet tooth fairy the frosting is so loaded with cream cheese you can't taste any flavors, no to mention it's so heavy you're sick after two bites, NO forget what you know about cake and deserts and go to THE CHOCOLATE in Orem. It's is so awesome I have to give it it's own post.

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  1. I noticed that you know Christian Teachout. That is crazy we used to work together at good old isatellite. Like your blog it is cute!