Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wedding

Clare and Maclain's wedding was amazing.
here they are in the church getting married. Clare was gorgeous and all their families were there singing song and reading scriptures.

Here is the tent we went to after for cocktails and appetizers, It was amazing best coconut chicken and crabcakes I'd ever had.
and here is my salad.....ITS A LOBSTER I REALLY enjoyed my lobster looking salad.
here is the dinner hall, Anne, Jenn, Kynan, Andrew, margot and I got to sit at the same table. The girl next to me was around my age, but as we were talking it came out she owned the New Orleans Saints, that was a shocker, and the german man I danced with on the dance floor had flown in specially from Italy to be at their special day. I met such interesting people!!
Here I am outside the amazing wedding hall by the river.
here is the back of my head, probably the best hair i've ever had.
Clare and McClain dancing
the mad dance party that evolved as the night went on

the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and the Bride and Groom

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