Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Time I Went to Work.....IN IRELAND!!!!!

So the film that was supposed to happen in July is finally going down and in a way cooler place then Romania. IRELAND!!!!!! I'm so happy happy happy. I'm going to do everything I can in the 3 weeks I have. Paris, London, and the town where my grandmother grew up.
I am thrilled and know this will be very good for me.
I will be working on the film with my friends, sadly Christopher doesn't want to come but maybe he will change his mind and come for a romantic visit. We have rented a Castle for the 3 weeks and it will be so wonderful to live in a Castle and do a job I love. They want me to dye my hair back brown so I can be a extra/actor but so far I've been standing my ground I'm a blond for good now till I go ginger. But I'm thrilled to be going and so glad I have such wonderful friends. I think I'll start a journal for the 3 weeks I'm there.

This the Giant's Causeway, I've been dyeing to see it for years.

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