Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Favorite Movie

This movie was inspiring every set was more thrilling and beautiful then the last. I adored it, I love the ending, I love the beginning, I love it all. This film was a show stopper so romantic and gorgeous. This is not a skin deep romantic film though, it has depth and portrays a fantasy world of leisure where; money, power, age, do effect love and hinder it. How we must be intelligent enough to recognize true love and not throw it away.

Watch out for Michelle Pfeiffer's appalling acting.

Look for my favorite costume a beautiful women dressed all in purple with a purple fur stole. Another hidden delight of this film is the use of famous paintings, they recreate the masters art with each scene, some of my favorites were the Alma Tadama recreations.

Almost every scene from this movie is a famous painting, from alma tadama, to lord fredrick. All pre raphaelite-art nouveau artists are represented in this movie and that makes me love it, also I adore a dose of reality in star crossed lovers scripts, otherwize they are all cliche. I love the reality that love doesn't always work out for everyone. I appreciate that deepth that money, power, and age do hinder true love. No "love conquers all" here.


  1. I totally saw that movie a while back. I didn't like it at all. But, the costumes and sets were great! and you are very right about Michelle's acting. eh

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