Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sewing Up Some Presents

Mother's Day was on Sunday but it was also My father's birthday and my Sister's fiancee's birthday. So we had an a bunch of people over and celebrated. Unfortunately that meant I needed 4 presents and as I had forgotten about it until saturday night I sewed up some aprons for my mother's and traded some art for jam at the beehive bazaar. as these are the first aprons I've ever made and I didn't have a pattern i think i did pretty well. I even made some mother daughter aprons. (my dad and brother-in-law got jam.) the child's apron went to Elle she loves it.

I really enjoyed picking the colors and making up patterns so I think I will be selling some of these at the bijou market just got accepted and am so excited.

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  1. oh my! these turned out cuter then I would have ever imagined! Good job!