Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing Cream Cheese Wontons!!

Katrice and I have spent a fortune on our favorite cream cheese wontons. So, when we started craving our favorite snack we decided to make our own, and it was so easy!!
Here is the recipe we made up.

One pkg of small wonton wrappers (you'll only use about half a pkg) you can find them in the produce refrigerator section at the grocery store
One pkg reg 8oz cream cheese
One small tub of sweet chili sauce; about 2Tlbs (you can buy this at any Thai restaurant)
Oil for frying

Blend chili sauce and cream cheese together. Spoon about a tsp of cheese into each wrapper. Then Pinch the sides to form a flower (picture above),deep fry in a small pan of oil until golden brown. They are so delicious and easy!!! In all this recipe took us about 5 minutes to make 35 wontons.

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