Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Day in My Limbo

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THIS; only if you wonder about what I do all day.

I technically have No home, I technically have no job, My dogs are staying in Price, My husband is in Alaska, and about 50x a day I have people asking me " Myleka, what do you do all day?" so since you ask I will tell you.

10 am: wake up for breakfast Finn shares his oranges because I'm too lazy to get my own breakfast head to Girl's Club

12 am: take Finn go to lunch with Katrice at Bangkok Grill
1 pm: head to Utah lake to a film set, to return equipment I stole 6 months before
130 pm: drive too fast, drink too much Diet Coke, blast Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen
2 pm: arrive on set and realise it's the prettiest area Ive been to in a long time
4pm: head home refuse to use the port-a-potties on set think I can make it home
430pm: realise I can't make it home and as I am in a rural area so I secretly pee in a bush.

5pm: get home eat dinner, go to Annes house to show her my new swimsuit
6pm: go home read Anne's script for her new film write my notes and get distracted by Elle's new fish which I try to make her name "sparky"
730pm: finish script head over to Anne's to review notes
8pm: Anne's not home and I've forgotten about my brother- in- laws graduation speech
830pm: drive to White house in far south Provo, because I've also forgotten Megan's birthday, hurriedly write her up a check.
930 pm: Stayed to long at White house, Am late to pick up friends for 80's night drive like mad to north Provo to change,
10pm: dark makeup on, tights and puffed out 80's hair drive like mad to make it back to southProvo to pick up Sasha and friends
11pm Sasha runs late, we drive like mad, rocking out to "sunglasses at night" to get to the club
12am: stand in line, get in, meet up with more friends, have some wild dances, laugh like crazy at some "sexy 80's nerds", feel too old, run into Natalye meet her friends, have some more wild dances.

2am: club closes, we head home SO TIRED, grab gas and diet coke, drive like mad home chilling out to Elliot Smith, and Arcade Fire
330am: drop off Sasha and friends
4am: get home talk to Christopher tell him how I miss him, shower
450am: drop dead asleep

9am: get up for script review meeting.......So TIRED
some how in the space of this 24 hr day I have sent and received 250 text messages, and 31 phone calls.

I don't know what to say about what I do. because I don't really DO anything. I do whatever but I'm always busy.

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