Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Day I Went to Work.......

Well I've been working on a Commercial for "What Next Utah", It's been fun because I got to work with a lot of my friends and I made some friends.

We attracted ALOT of attention with our car, and when the 100th person stopped by to ask what we were doing, I told them "Well I'm driving to Anchrage, what are you doing?"

My friend Justin climbing down off the top of our car, I was sooooooo glad that wasn't my job. I hate heights SOOOOO much, especially when they involve ladders.

Getting ready to drive my sweet awesome car to Anchorage.

This is us filming, I was on crowd control during filming.... I got yelled at a lot and I yelled a lot back. According to my boss, I am not a people person.

This is not the commerical we were filming today, this is an older one but you get the idea.

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