Monday, June 14, 2010

George Nakashima the first in a long line of loves.

I have been decorating our house and I never knew before how utterly ridiculous, and unrealistic my taste in furniture and decor is. After my first sad look around RC Willey I swore to myself an oath to never enter it again, and I began my search in antique shops. Some how no matter what it is in the shop I manage to find the most outlandishly priced object and fall in love.

Here for you to see, is the object of my first surreal and unhealthy romance with furniture, and his name is George Nakashima.
I did not try to buy this exact table but a table extremely similar. You should have seen the sales women's face when I asked for the price, she told me 100,000 dollars! And for a delusional 24 hour period I considered selling my kidney on the black market so I could buy it. The least expensive version of this table I can find is 800$ and it breaks my heart but I had to let it go.

My next delusional, hopeless love affair was a with a rug, a extremely expensive, gorgeous 8,000$ rug but that is a sad, sad, story for another time.

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