Thursday, April 15, 2010


OK i love movies but the large amount of crap out on the market has made me a cynic. But among the incredible amount of duds out there, i have found a GEM a truly entertaining, laugh till you pee, go home and whip out your nunchucks, and spandex cause you've been inspired to kick evil's ass!!!!! And this Film my friends is it!!! in my personal favorite movies it goes Casino royal, Layer Cake, Boondock Saints, and now Kick Ass.

The script is written and directed by the talented Matthew Vaughn who gave us Layer Cake and stardust both great movies i suggest watching. He again brings us his own style of British, rock, glam, gangster. but this time it's in young America. It's the story of a bumbling, young, naive boy who does indeed kick ass. It's full of the usually crude language and raunchy jokes, and gratuitous violence. But it's got sophisticated, intelligent dialog and rounded characters and kick ass special effects. Christopher summed it up Kick Ass= Kill Bill+Superbad.

I'd go into the use of symbolic colors the purple in kick ass's room, the impeccable casting and the flawless script. but i will simple state that it is worth a money!!!

A lot of people have commented that a trailer "is lame" and yes i agree it leaves you second guessing the validity of this film, but do not be deceived the trailer shows NONE of the good parts. it's like a foil wrapped chocolate your dubious but unless you bite in you'll never know that it was your favorite.

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