Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go Diego!! GO!!

This my friends is a little taco shop we all like to call......... Diego's.

Christopher takes me here once in a while to share a plate of flautas and a diet coke. WE LOVE DIEGOS we have a fun time. People watching with the mixture of Indie kids and work professionals. Most the staff is completely incompetent and will get your order wrong but once in a while you'll get lucky and get the boss who when you ask for "Whats best on your menu" will tell you "I'm the owner,everything's good here" so since i have yet to have anyone tell me whats best at Diegos i will tell you. Beef flautas, Chicken Burrito, and carneasada supreme.
So today to celebrate moving out of our apartment we mozied on over to our favorite taco shop and ordered super delicious food and enjoyed people watching and a soccer game. It's nice to have a few good days with Chris before he takes off for the "Great White North" But seriously guys i wrote this post so you will all go it's so cheap and cute and Fantastically flavorful. nachos.
Diego's is never stingy with the portions and amazing sauces. they are the only Mexican place i know that give you free sour cream and salsa "LOVE IT" as my sister Katrice says"Who wants Mexican food if you can't have the condiments."
tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty
sooooooo tasty.

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