Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So Today Was Our Day At The Zoo
We went to the zoo yesterday it was our first time since our honeymoon last year and it was a pleasant day. I stuck my tongue out at the prairie dogs, dreamed about turning a golden monkey into a coat, fed a swan by accident and did a dance in the snake house. Mostly i suppose i just behaved badly, but the ANIMALS started it!
The prairie dogs were my favorite. The white crocodile was gone which was sad but the chubby  prairie dogs were really active and fun. You can't see well in the picture but the baby elephant playing and climbing on his ball. It was really endearing. Christopher is my fav person to wonder the zoo with.
 Penny and Emily and Brian were there as well Penny had a thing for the Bear and monkeys but what kid doesn't. Penny didn't really know the names of all the animals so she called them all "Doggies" and i think would have climbed in to play with the "Doggies" if she could have She thinks "doggies" are the best.

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  1. That picture with you and the gophers makes me laugh! hahaha. Cute pictures!