Saturday, January 29, 2011

Downton Abbey: a Tale of Aristocrats and Servants

Downton Abbey is the tale of aristocrats and servants at the end of the 1800's facing a changing world. It follows the family of Earl of Grantham, and the family's servants. Beautifully written, costumed and acted. One of my favorite actresses, Maggie Smith, plays an aged dowager mother, witty and vicious.
Christopher and I laughed more then we expected to, but the drama made us hold our breath as the stories unfolded. Maggie Smiths quips about American's living in Wigwams had us laughing while handsome Thomas the valet had us shocked at his bad behavior, and wondering what devious trick he would be up to next.
The grounds and rooms of the house "playing" Downton Abbey are glorious!!! You find yourself saying wistfully "I wish I had that wallpaper."
Look out for this handsome Turkish devil!!! He is up to no good.

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