Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Days at the Compound

I've been spending a lot of time at anne's house otherwise known lovingly as the "Compound" our base of operations for the film. Where we have been; watching auditions, making costumes, building a wardrobe, rewriting the script, and too many things to count. I can't believe the man hours we have all been putting it, we hardly ever leave. Our amazing wardrobe girl Claire hasn't been home in 3 days! I sneak off to my dogs about ever 6 hours or so. But every one else stays glued to their work station.
here is all the fabrics we have been using to build costumes. it looks a disaster now but we'd been working for 20 hours straight on the dresses, and pants.

here is my station of art, and clothing research for the era we've been working on.
here is clair, justin and anne. figuring out trim, silk and velvet to send to our tailor.
I thought I'd throw this in for fun this is one of my murals I did 5 years ago for Anne's house.
this couch is where I spend a lot of time costume researching. What can I say I love pillows.

we're usually so stressed we eat out side to relax and it's actually a really great time having so many people you love and admire to work with and spend so much time with, I can't wait till we all get on the plane to Ireland and get this film really going.

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