Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper dolls

Yep, these are some of my weird paperdolls I do and I love them. Each one is one I've made for a friend of sister. The one above was inspired by my sister Tabitha. Who I always thought looked like a barbie doll.
This one I made for my niece Elle she wanted a mermaid doll. It now hangs in her room with a large collection of shepherdess paperdolls and fairy dolls I've made her over the years. I believe I also made her a herd of sheep that reside in picture frames around her room.
This is a doll I also made for Elle, because she wanted one that looked like her.

This doll was one I made for my Mother, she loves Germany because that is where she met my father.
This one I call the Hayley doll for my college roommate, we went through a "Sex and the City" phase so I made each of my roommates a doll. We put them on the fridge and made them say funny things with postit's.
Marie Antoinette was a doll I made for myself because I love the 1700's.
I have made hundreds of dolls over the years for all my friends and family. It always suprises me when I find one hanging on a fridge for in a frame in someone's house but it always makes me happy because they are so cute, and so much work.

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  1. i looooove these, can i buy one? i especially fancy the yellow dress on the right. ooo la la